Being one of the best restaurant in the Wakefield, we got so many regular customers who always choose us to serve them. Check out a few of the things that chefs and such other customers say about us ...

Clients and customers testimonials

Tuesday, this month
Great food! I think this is the best one I've tried so far. The other cool thing is that i was served like a special guest. I was wondering as i thought i was duplicated hahahah. I love Al-Jamil Balti. This one is easy way to be served specially.

Tuesday, this month
"We've been to wakefield times over the years. We found many restaurants with tasty and delicious taste but we had a very special taste last night. Thanks for serving us fresh food. i just love it. We know what to expect: great food and great prices. I suggest checking them out."

Friday, this month
I can't say enough about your quaint Asian Restaurant! The reasonable prices, and great atmosphere are only topped by the delicious food. Aljamil is simply the BEST there is! Great Food, big portions, nice atmosphere...all at very reasonable prices. It just doesn't get any better. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" Aljamil is a Gem! Keep up the great work... and don't change a thing! Thank you!

Wednesday, this month
We love Al-Jamil balti. Over the last 4 years, we've sampled almost everything on the menu and often order the listed daily specials. We have never been disappointed with the food! I find the place to be warm, friendly and relaxed. We often take friends from out of town to aljamils to give them an authentic taste of wakefield. I highly reccommend aljamil for a down-to-earth, excellent dining experience! " just love it